Commuter the Seal Gets Freed of Plastic Ring That Bothered Him for the Past 6 Years

Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust, a conservation charity based in Cornwall, UK, recently shared a fascinating story about one seal’s long road to comfort.

A seal named Commuter was first spotted back in 2017 by one Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust volunteer, who noticed that the marine mammal had a plastic ring around its neck. The organization reached out to British Divers Marine Life Rescue in an attempt to help the seal, but their attempts over the years proved unsuccessful.

Commuter itself out of reach, making rescue attempts either impossible or too dangerous, while living in a state of discomfort.

Luckily, on January 14, Commuter came on shore that was accessible and British Divers Marine Life Rescue immediately went into action. They managed to capture the seal and remove the ring. Upon further inspection, they discovered that the ring didn’t cause Commuter any long-term consequences and that he could be released immediately.

“The plastic noose was a seal from an anti-foul paint tin. Commuter’s wound was not as bad as we had feared, so it was safe to release him right away and give him a second chance back out in the wild!” Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust wrote on Facebook.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue later shared the video of the rescue action on social media. Check it out below.