Doggy Daycare Service Mo Mountain Mutts is Taking Puppies on Bus Rides

How would you feel if you boarded a bus and stumbled upon a bunch of dogs sitting inside? Well, that’s just the kind of experience offered by Mo Mountain Mutts, a doggy daycare service taking pups on bus rides to protect them from the cold Alaskan winters.

Mo Mountain Mutts is the brainchild of Mo and Lee Thompson from Skagway, Alaska, and it all started as a happy accident. Mo was initially just taking her friend’s dog for walks during her lunch breaks, but the word quickly spread and other people asked for her services.

“I started working with some teachers at the school. And it just kind of was a ripple effect of ‘Hey, I heard you’re really good with dogs. Can you help me?’ Then I needed a second pack walk because I started grouping dogs together by their personalities,” Mo told KTOO.

The business grew over time and her husband Lee went on to join her, but it still wasn’t easy to take care of so many dogs. The couple eventually decided to buy a bus from a local business, and they’re now using it to pick up dogs before taking them on a walk.

The Thompsons are also experienced dog trainers and the dogs they take care of are so well-behaved that they have no trouble sitting on a bus without making a fuss and riding like humans.