Injured Seal Pup Named Tralee Saved By Kind Strangers

A group of beachgoers recently spotted a seal pup in need of help at the shore of Kilkee, Ireland. They immediately notified the wildlife rescue center Sea Rescue Ireland, and thanks to their quick reaction, the sea creature had its life saved.

Sea Rescue Ireland shared the story of a sea pup’s rescue on Facebook. According to their post, the sea pup, later named Tralee, was found lethargic, injured, and underweight. During the initial exam, a number of wounds were discovered on her flippers, and she was also infected with parasites.

After her wounds were cleaned, Tralee received antibiotics and pain relief medicines before starting deworming treatment. As the days went by, the sea pup started looking better and stronger while displaying her charming personality.

“She has responded well to treatment, and now that we see her personality shining through, it’s no surprise she draws a crowd. She certainly has star quality and leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes,” Seal Rescue Ireland wrote in the post.

While her health improved greatly, Tralee will remain in the wildlife center for the time being. After experts determine she is fully ready to return to the wild, she will be released to her natural habitat.