Kitten Crashes Couple’s Wedding, Gets Adopted by the Newlyweds

When Cara and Matt noticed that the guests at their wedding were laughing during the ceremony, they first thought they were doing something wrong. But it turned out they were just too caught up in the moment to notice that a kitten crashed their wedding and was demanding some attention.

Fortunately for the kitten, Cara and Matt didn’t mind the uninvited guest at all. Instead, both being huge cat lovers, they decided to take her home and make her a new member of the family.

The couple shared this unusual story on TikTok, with the clip of the kitten’s interruption becoming viral and getting 14.5 million views.

“The cat distribution system was working overtime for this one!” Cara and Matt captioned the video.

After the first clip spread on social media, Cara and Matt decided to share more details about the kitten, now named Daisy, in a follow-up video. The feline was scared at first and needed to be bribed with shrimps before being comfortable around humans. After getting checked out by a veterinarian, she was finally ready to start a new life in a loving home.

“Loud mouths get food. Loud mouths that interrupt weddings get new homes,” the couple noted.