Look Closer: These Aren’t Real Insects!

In many ways, Emily Yeadon’s adult life and artistic creation mirror her early childhood. Growing up in the countryside in a rural hamlet, deep in the North of England, she describes her childhood in pretty idyllic terms.

“I spent the majority of my childhood playing in our secluded and overgrown back garden,” she recalled in an interview with Enchanted Living Magazine. “I was absolutely fascinated by animals, and I was desperate for them to be my friend.”

Having spent her entire childhood immersed in nature, nature is also the driving force behind her art work. “At a young age I became pretty good at identifying birds and insects, and that connection has remained with me,” she notes.

Known for her incredible textile art, her work reminds of traditional taxidermy, but with no animals hurt during the process. Moths, butterflies, bees, but also moss and mushrooms, are meticulously recreated using fabrics, threads, and paint. “When starting on anything new, I almost always begin by researching three things: the creature, its colorings, patterns, and structure; the techniques I’ll need to use; and the materials I’ll require,” explains Yeadon.

And while the creation process itself takes time and effort, inspiration comes relatively easy. “Woodlands and forests are a huge inspiration for me,” says Yeadon. “I regard them as being my ‘magical place,’ a place deep in nature that awakens my imagination.”

Prepare to be amazed: