Pet Owners Wake Up Their Dog in the Morning in the Most Heartwarming Way Possible

Image via romanticrocodile/TikTok

How you wake up in the morning usually determines your mood during the day. This isn’t just the case with humans; it also applies to pets as well.  That’s why one dog owner makes sure that its bellowed four-legged friend always gets the nicest wakeup call possible.

A recent viral video shared on TikTok by user @romanticrocodile shows one pet owner waking up their chihuahua named Levi.

“Here comes Levi,” the owner says in the most joyful way possible.

Levi shows his head under the cover as its owner wishes him a good morning and showers him with the sweetest nicknames. The dog then comes out, shakes off the sleepiness and proceeds to wiggle his tail to show off his great mood.

“My mom sent me this video of how they wake up their dog every morning,” wrote @romanticrocodile across the video, which got over 3 million views.

It is safe to say that internet users were amazed by this heartwarming morning routine and rushed into the comments section to praise the owner.

“If you don’t treat your dog like this, I don’t want to know you!!” one user wrote.

“I love everything about this,” another added.