Smart Dog Pretends to be a Stray in Order to Score Pizza

It turns out that humans are not the only ones who can’t resist cheesy awesomeness that is pizza. Facebook user Estrella CR recently decided to share a story on her profile about a dog who pretends to be a stray in order to trick people into giving him pizza.

According to Estrella, she was having a pizza in Mexico City’s Little Caesars one day and noticed a dog in front of the place begging people to give him a bite.

She decided to walk out and check on the dog, thinking it’s a hungry stray, but then meet with an unexpected surprise.

It turned out that dog had a tag which said: “Don’t feed me pizza.”

Upon doing a bit of investigation, BuzzFeed found out that the dog’s name is El Jefe (“The Chief”) and that he belongs to owners of a neighboring store. According to them, this extremely smart doggo has such an obsession with pizza and was so skilled in tricking people to give him some, that they had to get him the tag.

So, if you see a dog in front of Little Caesars near Nuevo Leon bus stop in Mexico City, don’t fall for his act and give him pizza because its unhealthy for him. But you can give him belly rubs, that didn’t kill anyone.