These Animals are Not as Deadly As They Seem

Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

Some creatures are believed to be deadlier than they really are. However, when we look into their fatality rates, we’ll see that they aren’t as deadly as we thought after all.

Some of them include:


For years, sharks have been portrayed as very deadly animals. The numbers of shark attacks on humans and killings by sharks may not be as you’ll predict it to be. On average, sharks kill six humans in a year.

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The bears are another type of animals regarded as more deadly than they have been. On average, both the black and brown bears kill about three persons yearly in the US and Canada which are their native land.


The fact is some spiders are dangerous. An example is a black widow. However, many types of spiders cannot hurt you. In the United States, spiders kill about seven humans per year. This is fewer than the numbers of death caused by some other creatures that are less dreadful.


Stingrays are passive in nature but sting whenever they feel endangered. They kill about two persons per year.


These creatures are probably feared as a result of their threatening look. That aside, their long wings and sharp hooked claws also adds up to make them look dreadful. They are known to feed on dead creatures only. They don’t kill.