This Cat Survived After Being Frozen In Snow For Hours

Image via Animal Clinic of Kalispell/Facebook

Over a week ago, Fluffy the cat had wandered out into the cold Montana air while her family was away from home. During her outdoor escapade, the cat got injured and couldn’t get back into the house. The frosty temperatures overtook her body, covering her in layers of thick snow and ice.

When her owners returned home, they found Fluffy nearly frozen and unresponsive. But thanks to her family and the Animal Clinic of Kalispell, the cat was saved in the nick of time and made a miraculous recovery.

“They’ve always been great pet owners, so they didn’t hesitate to bring her straight here,” Andrea Dutter, executive director of the clinic, told The Dodo. “It was all hands on deck. We had both doctors here working to thaw the snow and ice off her with warm water, and they were also blow-drying her and rotating in warm towels from the dryer.”

Though Fluffy had a heartbeat when she arrived at the clinic, her body temperature was so low, it didn’t even register on thermometer. It took almost an hour of warming the cat before she was able to move.

Fluffy got some marks on her skins, and Dutter said that it’s possible she was attacked by another animal but won’t have any serious impacts from the injury.

“She was with us here for a few hours and then spent the night at an emergency animal hospital to be monitored,” Dutter said. “By the next morning, she was already doing well and walking.”

After the cat’s near-death experience, the family decided to limit her outdoor activities. “Her owners are new to the area and when they first bought their house, Fluffy was an outdoor cat already living there in the backyard,” Dutter shared. “She was established out there at that point, but after they started taking care of her she began living half indoors.”