UPS Drivers Share Adorable Photos of Dogs They Meet While Working

We perceive mail carriers and dogs as natural enemies. And it makes sense since dogs protect the homes of their owners, and mail carriers seem like they are up to no good in their eyes. However, it turns out this isn’t always the case.

Back in 2013, UPS driver Sean McCarren created a Facebook group to showcase the other side of the relationship between mail carriers and dogs. He would post all the friendly and playful dogs he encountered during his deliveries, and the group proved to be a huge hit.

Soon, other UPS drivers joined in to introduce canine friends they found while working, creating a community that remained strong to date.

“When you’re running into dogs all the time, it creates a bond when you see them every day,” McCarren told HuffPost in a recent chat. “It’s cool to meet some of the same dogs on the route, because they know who you are, and they are excited to see you.”

The group currently has 1.8 million fans on Facebook and has recently also made its way to Instagram, where it has more than 600K followers. They provide a steady flow of the cutest dogs, so make sure you check it out. You can also see some of our favorite encounters between UPS drivers and friendly dogs below.