So Weird! Flamingos Can Only Eat When Their Heads Are Upside Down!

Photo by Kyaw Tun on Unsplash

Flamingos have become wildly popular last year. You couldn’t escape them if you wanted to. It may be a weird trend, but we have to admit that those birds are quite interesting.

Here’s one fact that will make you think flamingos are so weird. Did you know that their heads need to be upside down when they eat? This is influenced by the structure of their mouth and the way they lower their necks into the water. When a flamingo turns its head upside down, it makes sure it will not stay hungry in its natural habitat.

And they can eat pretty much anything. Worms, insects, algae, plants, fish – you name it. Because of their unusual anatomy, flamingos are among the rare animals that are able to move their top jaw while eating.