These Funny Cat Embroideries Will Brighten Up Your Day

We can all agree that cats are an endless source of inspiration for many of us, especially for artists who are able to capture cats’ hilarious personalities with their artwork. Nyang Stitch is one of those artists who fell in love with cats and their unique nature and she’s created a series of adorable cat embroideries.

Stitch’s colorful embroideries are extremely detailed and they show our favorite fluffy animals in all sorts of funny situations. Their grumpy faces, funny costumes, and mischievous nature will make every person laugh for sure! Cats in these embroideries are dancing, cooking, flying and doing all the things that our regular pets are not capable of – and this is exactly why they’re funny.

If you’re interested in finding out how Stitch is crafting her works of art, make sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel. This is where she posts lots of videos of her creating the embroideries and they are a great source of inspiration for anyone who is interested in this form of art.

But first, check out the photos below.