This Video of Baby Squirrel Eating Nearly Broke the Internet

Wildlife photographer and zoologist Dani Connor recently posted a video of a baby squirrel eating on her social media and nearly broke the internet. In just a matter of days, the video was watched an astonishing 15 million times, and the numbers continue to go up.

Seeing a 7-weeks old squirrel munching is adorable enough by itself. However, the video became viral in part because Connor also made sure to capture the cute sounds the little fella was producing, which most people found amazingly captivating. To see (and hear) why, check it out below. 

After the success of the first video, Connor later shared a follow-up.

The videos become even more amazing when you learn the story behind them. According to Connor, she adopted the baby squirrel and several of its siblings after their mother was hit by a car. While taking care of them, she gained their trust, which enabled her to capture some amazing shots. Check some of them below.