Girl Rescues 2 Bunnies, The Next Day She Ends Up With 10

Christina, a young woman from Central Florida, rescued two bunnies named Ruby and Rose from her neighbor’s porch. However, a couple of days later, Christina got really worried about Rose’s health. She thought she felt a tumor on her belly. But, soon Christina was welcomed with a big surprise.

“And the next day, I was walking past her crate, and there was this big clump of fur, and I called my boyfriend over, and I was like, ‘The fur is moving,'” she said in a statement for The Dodo. “Unbeknownst to us, she was carrying eight babies. Lucky timing is what it was. I definitely think that she had waited to make sure that she was safe before she gave birth.”

According to Christina, Rose is a great mom, taking care of her little ones so perfectly.

“But I learned how important it is for animals to be with their moms. Watching the babies grow and watching her grow with her babies is so sweet,” she added.

She also said that when the babies are big enough, Rose and Ruby will be up for adoption. Indeed, they’re looking for a forever home where they can both be together.

If you know somebody who would take such care of these two adorable little creatures, inform us in the comment section below!