Dog Tries to Run Away, Has to Be Carried Back Home

After running away, most dogs will recognize their mistake and humbly return home. But, as a recent viral video shared by TikTok user Christy Diaz shows, that isn’t always the case.

In a clip, which got 6.1 million views since being posted back in April, two men can be seen carrying a runaway Golden Retriever across the street. The dog apparently wanted to enjoy its freedom for a bit and retaliated by refusing to walk.

“Thinks running away from us is so fun,” Diaz wrote in the caption of the video.

Internet users were quite amused by the clip and Golden Retriever’s energy.

“He chilling because he gone do it again lol,” one TikTok user commented, to which Diaz responded that it’s the dog’s “hobby.”

“You can give your dog the best home and the best things in life and they’ll still find a away to take off and make you look like a bad parent,” another added.

Some users couldn’t believe that a Golden Retriever would escape from its owners and wanted proof. Diaz obliged by posting a follow-up video that shows how the dog ran away and ignored requests to return.