Photographer Photographs Cats Wearing Bowties To Help Them Find Their Forever Home

Lindsi Jones has many descriptions to her name: she is an animal advocate, photographer, and educator who created a photography series called Cats in Bowties Project.

For one whole year, she took images of felines wearing bowties to help them get adopted. In 2015 she started crafting bowties specifically designed to fit cats, took her camera and went to her favorite shelter in Thomasville, Georgia to realize her idea.

“As a lover of cats, I wanted to do more for the feline community, so I started the Cats in Bowties Project,” Jones shared on her personal website. “This project has involved 100s of hours of work a devotion by many people to whom I will be enterally grateful. From crafting bowties, arranging the shelter schedule, and handling cats many people have been a part of the series.”

She took a total of 101 pictures of cats wearing her creation, later she organized an adoption event which featured portraits of each cat with their basic information.

Thanks to her Instagram account her work has been published internationally.

Scroll down and check out the adorable felines below.