Sophie Green is Taking the World by Storm With Incredibly Realistic Wildlife Paintings

Most people never get the chance to come face to face with wild animals, but Sophie Green is making it easier to realize this dream. She’s using her special talent as a painter to bring wild animals to life in the most realistic way possible.

Green describes herself as a contemporary artist, environmentalist, and conservationist, who’s “painting animals to save animals.” Following graduation from the University of Brighton with a first-class bachelor of arts degree, she made a name for herself with hyper-realistic animal paintings.

Green enjoyed painting her whole life, but her creativity isn’t the only trait that helped her develop her distinctive style. She’s also a highly detail-focused and analytical person, who often looks at countless photos of animals to make her paintings as realistic as it gets.

Her art does a great job bridging the gap between photography and reality, and she’s hoping her paintings will help people experience wildlife from a new perspective.

“I want my artwork to be a window into another ecosystem. So people can feel they’re face to face with the animal, rather than looking through a lens or at just another picture. Most people don’t get that experience unless they go on a safari or an expedition,” she told National Geographic.