Your Dog Will Love Their Baths if You Follow These Tips

Dog in bath
Photo by Benjamin Lehman on Pexels

Most dogs don’t love baths. They hate getting wet, and being still just isn’t their cup of tea. However, if you follow some simple tips, your four-legged friend will be much more open to bathing time.

Brush Their Fur

Your first step should be brushing your dog’s fur. This will make them more relaxed, shorten the bathing time, and avoid any hair knots that could cause them pain when you wash them.

Shower Them With Affection and Treats

Show your dog that you don’t mean any harm with bathing. It helps to shower them with affection beforehand and lots of pets. Also, give them a treat from time to time to keep them calm and teach them that they will be rewarded for their good behavior.

Avoid Washing Their Face

Dogs will react badly to having their face wet. Instead of washing it, use a damp cloth or wet wipes to wipe it clean and make sure no soap reaches their eyes.

Get the Water Temperature Right

Before starting with the bathing time, check the water temperature and make sure it is just right. You should aim for lukewarm water, which is considered the most comfortable for dogs while doing the cleaning job well.

Rinse Well

Get all the dog shampoo out of their fur and skin. If you don’t rinse it well, the excess shampoo will irritate their skin, and they will remember it the next time you want to give them a bath.