Street Cat in Istanbul Has an Adorable Way of Asking for Food

Most cats won’t hesitate to show you they want a piece of food you are eating. Some will give you their cutest meows and looks, while others will be less subtle and simply try to take the food away from you.

However, street cats in Istanbul, Turkey, have apparently developed a new approach that works like a charm every time. And it is the most adorable thing ever.

In a recent viral video shared on X (former Twitter), one Istanbul street cat can be seen approaching a man who is enjoying a meal outdoors. The feline takes a look at all the delicious food and then taps a man on his arm with its paw to let him know she would like a bite as well.

The man, unable to resist the cat’s request, slices a piece of meat and gives it to her.

Meeting a cat on the streets of Istanbul is nothing uncommon. There are an estimated 125,000 stray cats living in the city, although they are commonly considered to be “community pets. “Locals often place food and water in front of their homes for the cats while the city provides various shelters and vending machines that dispense cat food.