Woman Uses Australian Shepherd to Get Her Cat Inside the House

You can beg your cat to enter the house all you want, but nothing will help if they are set on remaining outdoors a bit longer. This is why TikTok user @facecination turns to her Australian Shepherd Brody for help.

Putting faith in Brody’s herding instincts, the TikToker relies on him to get its cat sibling Charlie inside the house every time the feline refuses to get inside. As her recent viral video shows, Brody is successful most of the time.

“Putting the herding dog to work! “@facecination wrote in the caption of the clip was viewed more than three million times since being posted in early December.

The clip got a lot of attention from social media users, who had all sorts of questions about Brody’s herding capabilities and his relationship with Charlie. @facecination ended up recording a follow-up video in which she responded to several of them.

According to the TikToker, she never actually taught Brody to get Charlie inside the house. Her suggestion is that the dog instinctively decided to start doing it when he realized his owner had trouble getting Charlie inside the house. She also added that Brody isn’t always successful in his herding attempts and that Charlie sometimes just ignores him.