Squirrel Freddie Loves to Visit Humans That Rescued Him When He Was a Baby

Squirrels are often not too fond of humans. However, a couple named Ali and Brandon were lucky enough to get an adorable squirrel, Freddie, to become their friend. Their story is really special.

Ali and Brandon rescued Freddie when he was just four weeks old. His mother was nowhere to be found, so the couple took care of the baby squirrel, fed him, and helped him grow up strong and independent. After four months, they decided to release him back to the wild.

But as it turns out, Freddie didn’t forget everything Ali and Brandon did for him. He never went too far and instead visited them on a daily basis. This prompted the couple to make a TikTok account for the squirrel, where they share the adventures they have together.

Freddie often hangs out in Ali and Brandon’s backyard and loves to play with them.

The squirrel also became a good friend with their dog Lou.

Of course, there is another reason why Freddie likes to visit Ali and Brandon. Every time he comes by, the couple has a few treats in store for him. While he loves nuts and almonds, his favorite treat is avocado.