Two Cats Donate Their Fur so Birds Can Build a Nest

While the animal world can sometimes be cruel, there are plenty of examples in which species work together to help each other. For example, zebras and ostriches warn each other when a predator is nearby, while ants feed on honeydew secreted by the aphids while offering them protection in return.

Two cats from Great Britain, named Teddie and Casper, also decided to give a helping hand by donating some of their fur so birds in their neighborhood could build a nest.

In a video posted on Teddie and Casper’s social media account, their owner can be seen carrying some of the fur they shed in a small cage. He places the cage next to the bird feeder and waits until the birds notice it.

It doesn’t take long before one birdy spots the fur and decides to take some to build itself a warm and comfortable home.

“We’ve kindly donated our fur so the birdies can make their nests warm & cozy,” it says in the caption of the video.

Other Instagram users were amazed by the idea and made sure to share it in the comments section of the video.

“Omg that’s the cutest idea! Lucky birdies!” one user wrote.