These Piggy Fun Facts Will Astound You

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Get ready to dive into the ultra-sweet world of pigs—an intriguing, surprising, and heart-warming realm. These mammals are smarter, cleaner, and way more social than you’d imagine. Let’s peek into their world.

Piggy Brainpower

Pigs are seriously intelligent, ranking as the fifth (!) smartest animals on the planet, which means they’re actually smarter than dogs. They’re super quick at learning their names and have been known to crush video games like pros.

Neat Freaks

Despite their reputation, pigs are anything but messy. These squeaky-clean creatures refuse to mix their sleeping spots with their bathrooms—even the youngest of piglets.

No Sweat

‘Sweating like a pig’ is another big fat lie about pigs. With very few sweat glands, they opt for alternative cooling methods, beating the heat with mud baths and refreshing dips. 

Sweet Serenades

Here’s a heartwarming tidbit: while nursing, mother pigs sing to their beloved piglets. The little ones learn to recognize Mom’s voice and run towards her sweet tunes. How cute is that?

Social Butterflies

Pigs are huge fans of body contact. They’re super social animals who love cuddling up close, forming tight-knit communities. From piggy piles to human hugs, piggies thrive on touch and connection.