Bao the Chihuahua is a Fashion Influencer Who Likes Traveling

Image via baothechi/Instagram

The role of fashion influencers is usually reserved for humans, but one dog is showing that animals can successfully do this as well. Bao the Chihuahua is an Instagram star who likes wearing the trendiest pieces and showcasing them to his huge Instagram following.

Bao lives in Toronto, Canada, with his human Xa Thi Ngoc Tran. According to Bao’s owner, the dog enjoys wearing clothes and feels quite comfortable in them. He currently has a wardrobe of 75 pieces of clothes and accessories, which is worth $2,500.

“He loves anything soft and comfortable. He knows how to put his paws and arms through when putting on clothes,” says his owner.

The pair are not only big fashion geeks, but they also enjoy traveling around the world and readily share their adventures with social media users. Bao’s Instagram is full of photos of the pupper having the time of his life while hanging out in luxurious hotels, resorts, and yachts.

Bao and Tran started traveling in 2022 and have since visited a number of top destinations, including Paris and Mexico. This seems to be just the beginning, as Tran told SWNS in a recent interview that they plan to go to Italy as well as Beverly Hills, California, in the near future.