This Human and Wild Parrot Became Best Buddies

Kat and Rupert are best friends, despite the latter being a wild bird. The couple lives in Australia, but before their friendship started to bloom, Kat’s balcony was bird heaven.

First, a few kookaburras began to visit her, and she was overjoyed. Then, as time went by, other birds started to appear. Now there is a routine when each bird arrives to say hello.

“The first birds that usually arrive are the galahs. The Maggies, magpies, do their rounds. Then the kookaburras come at the end of the day. There is a whole family, and they like to come at all very different times,” she shared in a statement for The Dodo.

As we said, all the birds were wild until one day when a bright red parrot appeared. First, he would watch Kat from the gum tree next to the balcony. Then he started to get closer and sit on the balcony, and stare through the window. And then one day he flew over to Kat’s shoulder.

“Since that point, we have become a lot closer. Rupert makes me laugh all the time. He chooses not to fly to you. He chooses to run down the balcony,” she continued. “Rupert’s girlfriend, Greta, always comes along. She is always in the background. She is a very supportive girlfriend.”