Chloe Alexander and Her Parrot Gallagher are an Amazing Musical Duo

It’s no secret that parrots are very skilled at talking, but have you ever stumbled upon one that’s a great singer, as well? That happens to be the case with Gallagher, a parrot owned by the aspiring singer Chloe Alexander, who enjoys recording songs by her side.

When she first joined YouTube, Alexander simply wanted to share her musical talent with the world, mostly sharing covers, original songs, and videos from her live performances. Her channel amassed 30,000 subscribers, largely thanks to Gallagher, who joined her in some of her most popular videos.

Most notably, the adorable parrot was featured in Alexander’s viral cover of Radiohead’s smash hit “Creep”. She captioned this video by writing, “Not like you asked for another quirky bohemian girl singing a cover of Creep on her ukulele, but you got it anyways ladies and gents! And this time my parrot is singing with me, so we’re actually making things interesting.”

Gallagher certainly made things interesting, helping his owner go viral and attract millions of views. She also recorded the cover of Neil Young’s “Needle and the Damage Done” with her parrot and explained he’s not a trained bird and simply sings when he feels like it without any preparation.