Josh Gluckstein is Celebrating Wildlife Through His Recycled Animal Sculptures

Many artists are using their body of work to celebrate the beauty of the animal kingdom, but Josh Gluckstein found a way to do something good for the environment at the same time. He’s making amazing cardboard wildlife sculptures from recycled materials.

Gluckstein is based in London, and animals have always been the driving force in his art. He traveled and volunteered through Asia, Africa, and South America over the years, and this experience inspired him to capture the essence of the animals he encountered along the way.

Gluckstein started creating life-size sculptures of the most majestic animals, from lions and tigers to rhinos and orangutans. He’s not the first nor last artist to do so, but one thing that really impressed us about him is the choice of materials he uses to bring his vision to life.

Gluckstein’s sculptures are mostly made from found and recycled materials, and he’s constantly striving to make his work as sustainable as possible by using recycled cardboard and paper.

“Its accessibility and versatility allows me to bring the animal to life and capture their character and intriguing beauty while creating zero waste. It’s my ambition to raise awareness for endangered species through my art and contribute to their preservation,” the artist explains on his official website.