Ring Camera Captures a Rare Sight of an Albino Squirrel

Albino squirrels are fairly rare and managing to spot one in the wild is always a fascinating sight. But one homeowner recently had the luck of having one of these squirrels come at their front door.

In a video shared by Ring, a company that manufactures security cameras and home protection systems, an albino squirrel can be seen triggering a front-door camera of one of their clients.

The squirrel is carrying a nut and obviously has intentions to stash it in the twig sculpture at the entrance. However, after realizing there is no opening in the sculpture, the animal decides to rest on top of it and think through its next move.

Internet users were amazed by the sight, and some of them realized for the first time that albino squirrels exist.

“It is adorable, have never seen one and didn’t even there was any,” one commenter wrote.

While Asia is home to two different species of white squirrel, they don’t exist in the wild in North America. The squirrel captured by the Ring camera is likely an eastern grey squirrel with a case of albinism. One of the consequences of this condition is a lack of melanin production, which results in white fur and pinkish or red eyes.