This Instagram Dog Has a Better Taste in Music Than You

If you love music and dogs in equal measure, we’re bringing you a brilliant Instagram page that mixes two of your biggest passions into one. Albums On a Doog is Instagram’s No. 1 spot for animal lovers who are in the mood to discover some new music, and it will truly help you broaden your horizons.

When @albums_on_a_doog was first launched in 2021, it was initially run by two good girls, Rosie and Lily. They took Instagram by storm with their immaculate taste in music, but Rosie sadly passed away last summer at 13, after suffering from a cancerous mouth tumor.

It’s now up to Lily to share the amazing album recommendations with the world, and she’s doing a pretty fantastic job. You’ll find hundreds of amazing suggestions while scrolling through this Instagram page, including such classics as Jeff Buckley’s Grace, Nirvana’s Nevermind, and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon.

Albums On a Doog’s posts will give you nostalgia overload since most of the albums on this page came out decades ago. This Instagram page champions the power of physical media and celebrates such genres as rock, grunge, punk, and emo. In addition to being pretty fun, Doog’s posts are quite educational because they sometimes feature interesting fun facts about each album.