Thread Handed Jill is Using Needle and Thread to Mimic the Look of Spider Web

No matter how you feel about spiders, you must admit that spider web can be a fascinating sight, and it’s been inspiring artists and designers for centuries. Alejandra of Thread Handed Jill is one of them, and she’s using the power of embroidery to perfectly mimic the look of a spider web.

Thread Handed Jill is a talented embroidery artist based in California, and we’ve watched her explore many different subjects through her art. Her embroidery is mostly inspired by nature, and she’s stitched together everything from flowers to cats, before deciding to settle on spider webs.

Alejandra started working on her signature spider web design because they have the power to give your home a subtly spooky vibe, in addition to offering an alternative to preserved spiderwebs. She uses many different techniques to bring her creations to life but usually sticks to hand-stitching spider webs with silver metallic thread and tiny crystal beads.

Alejandra isn’t gatekeeping her skills, and if you want to make a spider web embroidery of your own, she’s happy to help you out. She shared a PDF pattern with five spider web templates on her Etsy page, making sure to cover all the basics and make them as beginner-friendly as possible.