5 Fun Facts That Make Pronghorns North America’s Most Fascinating Animals

Photo by David Thielen on Unsplash

From bison to bald eagles, North America is home to many fascinating animals, but none of them compare to pronghorns. Also known as American antelope, pronghorns are fascinating for more reasons than one, and we’re bringing you five facts that will help you gain an appreciation for these animals.

Incredible Speed

With a running speed of up to 88.5 km/h (55 mph), pronghorns are the fastest land mammal in North America and the second-fastest in the world after the cheetah.

Not Antelopes

Even though they’re commonly known as American antelopes, pronghorns belong to a completely different family. The giraffe and okapi are actually its closest living relatives.

Unique Horns

Pronghorns owe their name to their unique horns. Males have horns with a forward-pointing tine coming off each side of them, while females tend to have smaller horns with barely visible “prongs”.

13 Gaits

Pronghorns’ movements are quite fascinating to witness because they have at least 13 different gaits, including one that reaches up to 20 feet per stride.

Migratory Patterns

Pronghorns are much more prone to migration than other North American land mammals. Their migration route covers more than 260 km (160 mi), which is quite a rare phenomenon in the U.S.