Australia’s Marine Life Shines Brighter Than Ever Through Araceli Adams’ Art

Australia has one of the most biodiverse marine habitats on the planet, and Araceli Adams came up with a special way to celebrate its beauty. The founder of Casa Adams Fine Wares is using her ceramic art to shed some light on the diverse aquatic life that Australia has in store.

Adams currently runs her small studio Casa Adams Fine Wares from Sydney, but she was actually born in Spain. She was always impressed by her family’s cherished collection of hand-painted antique pottery growing up, so it’s not a surprise she wanted to learn more about pottery in later years.

She learned more about porcelain during her time at NYC’s Greenwich House Pottery, embracing a unique approach to her craft. Her body of work pays homage to the hand-colored 18th-century natural history copperplate engravings, and her illustrations are mono-printed onto the porcelain pieces, with watercolor-like washes of underglaze.

Another common thread that connects all of Adams’ creations is her commitment to capture the wonder and joy of Australia’s biodiversity through her art. The rich biodiverse world of the Land Down Under takes center stage in her work, and many of her pieces feature lobsters, crabs, corals, and fishes inhabiting Australia’s shores and oceans.