Cat Has a Hilarious Reaction After Seeing a Bear for the First Time

We often think that cats are extremely brave and that nothing can scare them. While this is true in most cases, they can sometimes get startled, especially when they are faced with something they have never seen before.

A while back, TikToker Ashlea Touville posted a video in which she recorded a bear crashing her front yard and deciding to pick up a fight with a bird feeder. But it wasn’t even the most interesting part of the clip.

At one point, Touville turns the camera to her cat Timon, who had the most hilarious reaction upon seeing the bear for the first time. The feline was visibly stunned, looking at his owner in complete disbelief.

The video received 2.5 million views and prompted a lot of TikTok users to try and guess what was going through Timon’s head while he was watching the bear.

“Are you going to do something about this?!?” @celestial_fae suggested.

“He’s like “Are you seeing the same thing I’m seeing?”” @samanthafosnot added.

We hope that Timon calmed down after the bear left, but we can’t blame him for his reaction. When we think about it, we would probably react in an even funnier way.