Elizabeth Burnard is Taking Instagram by Storm With Her Insect Art

Art has the power to shed new light on things people often find scary and off-putting, and insects are a case in point. Elizabeth Burnard of Wildflower Oddities is here to change the way you look at these fascinating creatures through her intricate works of art inspired by insects.

Burnard graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in animal science, but her academic journey wasn’t the only thing that prepared her for founding Wildflower Oddities. She was obsessed with insects for as long as she can remember, and her passion project eventually turned into a full-time job.

“I’m a self-taught insect preservation artist and taxidermist from Oregon, who’s always been into the weirder things in life. From collecting bugs as a child and keeping spiders as pets, I’ve always had a liking towards all bugs and insects,” writes Burnard on her official website.

Burnard is fully committed to using sustainably sourced insects in her art. She explains that she gets most of her insects from friends and family, both in the US and overseas, and has a backstock of farm-raised insects. She only relies on purchasing new farm-raised insects for commissions, and she tries to embrace the same approach with all the other curiosities used in her art.