Fun Facts About Moles You Probably Didn’t Know

Photo by ahmad kanbar on Unsplash

Moles usually get a bad rep for destroying people’s gardens. However, before you get mad at them, remember they also eat harmful insects and improve the quality of the soil by aerating it. Also, these fun facts below might also help you to look at them in a more positive light.

Moles Are Fast Diggers

Moles dig their tunnels at a quick rate. On average, a single mole can dig a 15-foot-long tunnel in a single hour.

Moles Are Not Blind

A common misconception about moles is that they are blind. Actually, they just have poor eyesight and are colorblind. Their vision is adapted to only recognizing light.

Moles Have a Huge Appetite

Moles usually eat more than their body’s weight in insects every day! Their favorite food includes worms, snails, and larvae.

Moles Are Active Year-Round

Despite living underground, moles don’t hibernate. They are active all-year-round although the peak of their activity comes in spring and summer when the soil is most suitable for digging.

Moles Create Complex Tunnels

Tunnels created by moles are quite complex. They contain the main path through which they move but also hide various chambers, including a nestling area and “larder,” in which they store food for later use.