Adorable Golden Retriever Couldn’t Understand Why a Mannequin Isn’t Petting Her

Golden retrievers have to be one of the most affectionate dogs out there. They love people and want all the pets they can get, even if they come from a complete stranger. But one adorable golden retriever realized recently the hard way that not all “humans” feel the same way about them.

In a viral video shared on Instagram, a golden retriever can be seen approaching a dressed mannequin in a fashion store. They sniff around it, wiggle their tail, and try to engage in some cuddling despite their owner trying to tell them it is not a real person. Even when the mannequin remains indifferent to her charm, the pupper doesn’t stop trying.

“She loves people so much! She couldn’t understand why he wasn’t petting her,” the dog’s owner wrote in caption of the video.

The video ended up spreading quickly on social media, with internet users being amazed with golden retriever’s playfulness and love for humans all over again.

“This is the most adorable thing I’ll see today. She’s so sweet,” one user wrote in the comments section.

“The dog: mom it’s LITERALLY friend shaped. What do you mean??” another added.

So next time you see a golden retriever, just give in and pet them because, obviously, they won’t take no for an answer.