Good Samaritan Spots an Abandoned Dog on a Mountain and Waits 2 Hours for Help to Come

Animal charity organization Arizona Humane Society recently shared an amazing story about how a “good Samaritan” spotted an abandoned dog on a mountain and then waited for two hours with her for help to come.

Back in April, an unnamed individual was hiking the Lookout Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona, when he suddenly noticed something unusual in the rocks. There was a scared and exhausted dog nestled in a small hole on the side of the mountain. Its fur was the same color as the surroundings and he only managed to spot her thanks to its piercing eyes.

The man acted quickly, contacting the Arizona Humane Society to ask for help. The charity immediately sent two of their staffers on the field, knowing that the dog has probably been out there for a long time and needs to be taken care of ASAP. Due to circumstances, the staffers managed to be one the scene two hours later, but the man was still there, making sure he can give them the exact location.

After arriving on the scene, AHS’ field operations manager Ruthie Jesus and her colleague Tracey Miiller immediately started the rescue procedure.

“She was really sweet and letting me pet her head, but she absolutely did not want to come out of that den, so I kind of had to just sort of pull her out,” Jesus said in a video shared by AHS.

Eventually, they managed to get the dog out, giving her water and checking for injuries. The pupper had some cuts on its paws and laceration on the back end, but fortunately, none of her injuries were life-threatening.

Due to rough terrain, Miiller and Jesus ended up carrying the dog all the way down from the mountain. Knowing she is headed to safety, the canine was calm the entire time.

“She was just so dehydrated. I think she’d probably been up there several days and that was probably her last day, and this Good Samaritan really just saved her life,” Jesus concluded.