Heartwarming Video Shows a Little Girl Mimicking Golden Retriever’s Moves

Kids will often copy things they see others do, and it can be the most adorable thing ever. A recent viral video shared by Instagram user @norby_bear provides a great example.

In the video, a little girl named Grace can be seen playing in a park with her Golden Retriever Norby. The girl is set on mimicking the dog’s every move, following him in circles and sniffing the bushes. However, the best moment is when Norby starts rolling in the grass, and Grace immediately starts doing the same, resulting in the most adorable scene ever.

Grace copying Norby ended up delighting social media users.

“Both are living their best life together,” one person wrote in the comments section.

“Does the dog think that’s her puppy?” another added.

It is amazing to see such a close bond between a little girl and her dog, especially considering that this relationship can come with lots of benefits. Studies have shown that kids who grew up with dogs are happier and healthier. Additionally, they gain some valuable life skills while taking care of the dog and grow up to become compassionate and more responsible adults.