Preguntale is a Rescue Dog That Probably Takes Better Selfies Than You

Taking selfies has become so popular that even animals are taking them. And to be honest, they are doing a better job at it than us. You just need to take a look at the selfie game of an adorable rescue dog named Preguntale.

Preguntale became a huge internet sensation thanks to the “selfies” his owner, Diego Cuadro, frequently posts on social media. The dog can be seen striking cool poses while hanging out with his horse friends, having a picnic, or when he’s simply feeling fabulous and wanting to capture the moment.

Of course, it is Cuadro who takes the snap, but Preguntale is such a good boy when it comes to extending his paw that all of the photos really look like they have been taken by him. To make it all even more impressive, these selfie sessions aren’t even particularly planned out as you might imagine.

“It is very rare that I plan to recreate a scenario. Generally, everything comes to me at the moment, and I do it with him. If I’m in the field, I dress according to what I’m wearing and we recreate everything there. We don’t need to practice, the first one that comes out is the one that is shared,” Curado shared with Argentine media outlet LA NACION.

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