Rescue Bunny Named Alex is an Internet Sensation With a Big Heart

If you ever happen to find yourself on the streets of San Francisco and see a bunny driving around in a small electric car, consider yourself lucky; you’ve just met a celebrity rabbit called Alex.

Alex is a 30lb rabbit who was rescued by California natives Josh Row and Kei Kato back in 2020. Since then, the bunny became an internet sensation thanks to his viral TikTok videos and big heart.

When he’s not driving his electric cars, Alex is doing charitable events with his humans. Row and Kato like to volunteer and give back to their community and found that Alex shares their passion for helping people.


I mean I don’t sound like a #cat but oh well! Volunteered last week @Macy’s unionsquare to support my friends #spcasf

♬ Jingle Bell Rock – Christmas Songs

A large number of these events include Alex going to hospitals and bringing joy to patients with his cute looks and contagious energy. Sometimes he even takes a stroll around the local airport in order to calm anxious flyers.

“We love showing him off because he makes people feel better and he loves the attention too, “said Kei in a recent chat with SWNS.

Alex’s TikTok profile is full of videos of him driving his little car, going on adventures, or simply enjoying the usual bunny activities like hopping around and snacking. A lot of TikTok users enjoy his content, and you’ll like it too when you check out more of his clips below.