Cat Amazes TikTok Users With Her Ability to Use an iPad

If you want to treat your cat with a new toy to keep it entertained, you should consider getting it an iPad. Because apparently, cats know how to use it.

TikTok users have been amazed by a recent viral clip in which a cat named Artemis uses an iPad to browse and watch content on YouTube. The feline can be seen using her tongue to go through different video suggestions before swiping the screen with her paw to access the home page.

The video has been viewed 7.7 million times since being posted back in late January and also got around 5K comments.

While Artemis’ skills are impressive, it turns out that he isn’t the only feline who knows how to use technology. In the comments section, several TikTok users shared how their own cats seem to be capable of using iPads as well.

“I also have an ipad cat, she opened an ad and started online shopping,” @taylors_versions wrote.

“my cat is an ipad cat so much that i’m debating on getting her a cheap tablet,” @emilyhardimon added.

So there you have it. If you want to make your cat’s life a bit more exciting, get it a tablet. Just make sure not to connect any credit cards because you might get an unexpected delivery of catnip at your doors.