Rescue Cat Sherman is Hypnotizing the World With His Adorable Eyes

Sherman the Cat is now a true social media sensation, with thousands of followers under his belt, but that wasn’t always the case. This adorable kitty is hypnotizing the world with his adorable eyes, but his path to stardom was paved with many dark moments.

Sherman was a stray cat before finally finding a home after being brought to the Kitty City Kansas Rescue. His owners were looking for a companion for their cat Chance, who struggled to adjust after his former owner passed away, and that’s how Sherman came into their lives.

“Sherman was found in the back of an abandoned car, eating dry dog food. I said yes to adopting him without hesitation. My husband was more hesitant. But when we went to meet him the following weekend, it was a done deal,” his family told Love Meow.

Sherman immediately won his owners over with his quirky round eyes, and they’re part of the reason why he became such a huge sensation online. He’s a huge cuddler and has a habit of making his eyes huge and dazzling like Puss in Boots to get what he wants.

Sherman and Chance quickly became a great dynamic duo, but they’re no longer the only pets in their household. They also share their home with the three-year-old kitty Tina, who’s the latest addition to their feline family.

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