Endangered Asiatic Lion Triplets Born at London Zoo

Asiatic lions are one of the most endangered lion species in the world, but their numbers are slowly increasing. London Zoo has given us a major reason for celebration this month, after announcing three Asiatic Lion cubs were born at their zoo.

Asiatic lions are one of the endangered species on the verge of extinction because there’s only one place in the world where they can be found in nature. They’re native to India’s Gir National Park and the surrounding areas in the state of Gujarat.

This makes them vulnerable to disease outbreaks and natural disasters, but conservation efforts have been made at several zoos around the world. London Zoo is finally making some progress, after their Asiatic lioness Arya has given birth to three cubs.

“Our cubs are a hugely important addition to the international conservation breeding program for Asiatic lions, and they will help us inspire millions of people to protect wildlife around the world,” reads the zoo’s statement on social media.

The three cubs are currently being left behind the scenes, and Arya is keeping them safe and sound inside their cubbing den. London Zoo announced their birth just last week and introduced them to the world by sharing the footage from inside the den.