This Video of Two Wild Rabbits Playing Leapfrog Will Make Your Day

Watching wild animals enjoying their freedom is something that brings a smile to everyone’s faces. This is why we believe that the video below, featuring two wild rabbits playing leapfrog, will make your day.

The clip was shared by TikToker @sydnyuh back in February and has been a huge hit on social media, receiving more than 45 million views. It shows two bunnies jumping over each other in someone’s yard and just playing around without a single worry on their mind.

Other TikTok users branded the video as “cute” and “adorable,” although a few of them believed the bunnies were not playing but actually fighting.

“I think they are fighting. Someone is about to catch some skippity paps,” one TikToker wrote.

As it turns out, the bunnies were not playing or fighting. They were actually engaged in a courtship ritual known as cavorting, which is characteristic of cottontail rabbits. As part of the ritual, male and female rabbits will run around, fight, and display their jumping abilities.

Usually, it is the female that jumps as high as possible to show her interest, while the male responds positively by passing underneath her. Judging by this, the two bunnies in the video are a perfect pair.