Watch This Talented Dog Play Guitar With His Tail

Dogs constantly remind us how special they are. Aside from providing us with unconditional love and friendship, they also entertain us with their many skills. Sometimes it is a game of fetch, other times it’s their sniffing abilities, and sometimes they just take a guitar to play us a song as recent viral video shows.

One dog owner from Kalamazoo, Michigan, recently heard someone playing their guitar in the living room. Once they came to inspect, they saw their dog strumming the guitar strings with his tail. And it actually sounded quite good.

“I heard someone playing my guitar and went to investigate. It turned out my dog knows how to play guitar!” the owner told ViralHog.

Internet users who watched the video were full of praise for the talented dog.

“It actually sounds pretty good!!!” one user commented on the video.

“Plays better than me,” another added.

Seeing a dog play guitar shouldn’t actually be so surprising. Dogs are known to have a liking for music, which has a soothing and relaxing effect on them while also serving as a stress reliever. So, if you want your dog to be happy, consider buying them a musical instrument. As an added bonus, they will probably play you some cool tunes.