Viral TikTok Video Shows a Couple Rescue a Cat Stuck Inside a Wall

TikTok user @sugarsteph recently shared an interesting story that started with strange noises in the attic and the walls of her house and ended with the rescue of a cat stuck inside a wall.

According to a viral video @sugarsteph shared on TikTok, she and her husband thought they had mice in the attic after hearing noises for three days. They called exterminators but they were unable to find any sign of rodents.

Shortly after, the couple heard a cat meowing from inside the wall. After making several holes in the wall, they found a cat that had somehow fallen off the attic inside the wall and got stuck there.


The nonent that we uncovered the cat feom inside out wall. Q&A’s: ✅ She is actually a he ✅ He was only in the wall for one day, not even overnight (he had been coming and going in our attic for days) ✅ He only had a scrape on his cheek. These street cats are TOUGH, and he was perfectly FINE ✅ We are actively working with a TPN resource, Forgotten Felines to get these wild neighborhood cats the help they need ✅There are dozens of these cats in my neighborhood and thousands in the county. If taken to the shelter these cats would likely be euthan!zed #catsoftiktok #catlife #rescue #wow #cats

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After the clip went viral, @sugarsteph shared an update, revealing that it was actually a neighborhood cat that likes to visit their property. The cat spent less than 24 hours inside the wall and managed to get by with just a minor scratch. She was quickly back on her feet and ready to roam again. 

“We affectionately refer to her as “tailless” aka Sin Cola, as she is missing her tail. We are keeping a close eye on her. We are happy she is alive!” @sugarsteph wrote in the caption of a follow-up video.


Replying to @Amie del A neighborhood cat made its way into our attic, then fell down a long hole from the attic to the floor and was wedged in the walls of our closet/ dining room! We were hearing noises in the wall for a couple of days. We called the exterminator and they investigated for rodents. Then we started hearing meowing from in the wall. We crawled all around looking for the source of the meows but couldn’t find anything. The meowing persisted, and we knew she had already been in there for at least a night. We couldn’t let another night go by, so at 11 PM when my son returned home from class, we investigated some more, crawling around under the house and in the attic. The kitty was helping too! It was staying vocal and was communicating through the whole thing to lead us to her. We were finally able to pinpoint her location, and concluded she had fallen all of the way down, and the only way to get her out was to cut the drywall in our closet. 3 big holes later, we discover her in the wall. She was shook up, and exhausted. We were greeted with hisses, but she was too wiped out to fight us. We gave her some food and water, checked her for injury (she seemed tired, had a little scrape, but was otherwise fine). We let her rest a little, and let her go back to the safety of her property across the street. This was a known neighborhood cat that hangs out around our property. We affectionately refer to her as “tailless” aka Sin Cola, as she is missing her tail. We are keeping a close eye on her. We are happy she is alive! As a neighborhood, we are all making the effort to capture these cats get them health attention, spay, and neuter, and putting them back where they are comfortable. #catsoftiktok #cat #catrescue #cattok #manx