These Fun Facts Will Change Your Opinion About Spiders

Photo by Julian Schultz on Unsplash

We know what most of you think: “How can anything about spiders be fun?” Despite their unsettling reputation, spiders are actually not all that bad. Here are some fun facts that prove it. Keep on reading, and you might change your opinion.

Every Species of Spiders Can Produce Silk

There are around 50,000 spider species in the world and all of them have the ability to produce silk. Some spiders even produce different types of silk, using each type for a different action, like wrapping up their prey, building a nest, or creating a web.

Most Spiders are Harmless

Spiders might have a scary appearance, but they rarely pose any danger to humans. Only a few species, like the brown recluse and black widow, have venom powerful enough to do any damage, and even they will only use it when provoked.

Spiders Don’t See Very Well

You might think that the spider on the wall is checking you out, but that most likely isn’t the case. Despite having up to eight eyes, spiders actually have pretty bad eyesight. The only exception is some members of the jumping spider family, which can perceive more colors than humans can.

Spiders are Romantic Souls

When looking to engage in mating rituals, spiders can get quite romantic. Some of them do adorable dances, like Maratus volans, aka peacock spider, while others give their mates silk-wrapped gifts.