Watch a Blind Cat Successfully Climb Down a Scratching Post

Cats are known to have exceptional senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch. Because of this, even if they lose one of these senses, they can rely on the other ones to help them tackle everyday tasks and activities. A recent viral video shared on YouTube is a great example of that.

YouTube channel ViralHog recently shared a clip captured by one cat owner in West Carrollton, Ohio. The clip shows a blind feline named Momo successfully climbing down a scratching post all by herself.

Momo can be seen standing on the top level of the post and using her sense of touch to decide where to go next. The cat first explores the borders of each post before finding the best route to go forward. At one point, she hangs from one plank using her front paws while tapping around with her rear paws until she finds the bottom plank.

Eventually, she safely gets down and hops on the couch.

According to Momo’s owner, the cat is dealing exceptionally well with her condition and isn’t letting the lack of sight prevent her from enjoying life.

“She chases her siblings around and mostly doesn’t run into things. I’ve even seen her jump up from the floor to the armrest of the green chair she walks on in the video. It’s still hard to hold myself back, but she’s shown me she’s got it handled,” the cat’s owner explained.