Mia & Gaia are Building Instagram’s Most Amazing Community of Tortoise Lovers

When the 25-year-old tortoise lover Gaia decided to welcome Hermann’s tortoise Mia into her home, she had no idea her life would turn upside down. It didn’t take her long to become a true tortoise expert, and she’s now sharing her knowledge with the community of turtle lovers on Instagram.

Gaia is the mastermind behind the popular Instagram page @thetortoise.mia, which she launched after adopting her tortoise Mia. She welcomed her into her home in late 2022, when she was still a hatchling, fresh out of the soil.

“I’m a tortoise lover and endlessly researcher about the topic since when I was a child. I grew up with a tortoise breeder as a family member so I got the chance to live with these beautiful animals since the very beginning! Mia is the first tortoise I actually own, but I’ve taken care of a lot of them in the past,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

You’ll find countless cute videos of Mia on Gaia’s Instagram, but that’s not the main reason why she decided to start a page for her pet. She actually graduated to be a teacher before adopting her first tortoise, and she’s using Instagram to spread awareness and help other tortoise lovers take the best possible care of their pets.