Wrinkle the Duck Became a True Star After Running New York Marathon

If you still haven’t heard of Wrinkle the Duck, buckle up because it’s going to be one wild ride. This adorable duckling is followed by over four million people on TikTok and she became a true sensation after running the New York City marathon.

Wrinkle lives in New York City with her owners, circus jugglers Justin Wood and Joyce Kung. Back in 2020, the duo bought six American Pekin eggs in the hope they’ll be able to raise the ducks for their Justin Wood Circus Variety Show, but only one of them survived.

Her parents quickly realized that the star was born and decided to start a TikTok and Instagram page for Wrinkle.

“Like any parents, we want to document her adventure but also show people how smart ducks can be naturally, they’re a lot smarter than people think!  Also, people always seem very happy when they met Wrinkle in person, so we want to translate that joy through the internet,” they explain on their website seDUCKtive.

Wrinkle got a new taste of fame when the New York Marathon in 2021 came around. Her parents took her to watch the race together, but she simply couldn’t stay on the leash! She only completed 50 feet of the 26-mile course, but her videos sent everyone quackers and attracted thousands of new followers to her TikTok and Instagram.